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Hey! HEY YOU! YEAH YOU! Waz up?!…lol….This is Cassidy! I’m the master(admin) of the sight! I love to play piano, do Tae Kwon Do, hang out with friends, act completely crazy, listen to Music, and basially just chhhhiiiiiilllllllll!!!!! I love BIG BANG!!!! I’m Korean and I LOOOVVVVEEEEEE….well…..i pretty much love everything….lol……..anyway….I’m 14, and I can not wait to get my drivers licence….oh yeah! I forgot! My other name is HAN-BI(한비)!!!! By the way!!!! GAH! X( I forogt what I was going to say……oh….I adore poeple who love to laugh and have a passion for anything they like to do! GAH LAALALALA….I’m a singer and have perfect pitch….I’m a class clown…and love to pull pranks! I al also love to meet new friends, and learn new jokes and funny things along that nature!!!…and i tend to go off topic very easily….you can ask anybody…i tend to have a very short attention spand at times…and can be a complete freak. LOL>.<…I’m not going to chatter any more…for now….lol… I hope you guys enjoy the site!!!

Hi, I’m Sarah, I’m from Pakistan. I like to draw, not paint, sculpt, etc. I’m 13, I spend a lot of time online. I by no means “popular” but I have friends and I’m not a loser, either. I’m that quiet kid that talks the loudest when no one’s around :). I talk, fast, loud and too much. If you pay attention you might notice I have a stutter, but only when I’m nervous, excited, or talk really fast…. so most of the time. I’m pretty smart. I get annoyed by the really immature people, but I like people who can be immature but know when to grow up! I love music, mostly south asian, but still music. I LOVE spicy food , and I like to laugh. My motto: Forget the haters cause you’re to good for them :). Enjoy!


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