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February 18, 2012 / potatolovinfreak10

“Flower of Gardenia” Miku Hatsune kous English Translation

Please don’t use my translation without asking, thank you!
*Gardenia is a type of flower. It means “secret love”.
Talking with you “it’s no use”.
hanashi kaketemo ( dame dayo )
Smiling with you “I know…”
warai kaketemo ( wakatte … )
You still haven’t replied “I know…”
mada henji hanai ( wakatte …  )
Where will we go today?
kyou wa doko heikou
That park bench we liked so much
 daisuki datta ano kouen no benchi mo
is no longer there
nakunatte shimattandane
I see….
 sokka …
抱きしめて ねえ ねえ
Hold me tightly. Hey. Hey.
daki shimete nee nee
Once more…is it not possible….?
mou ichido … damenanokashira …
 愛してる? ねえ ねえ
Do you love me. Hey. Hey.
aishiteru ? nee nee
Answer me!
kotaete yo
Don’t just be silent.
damatte naide 
nando mo nando mo
 Time after time
I’ve said it, haven’t I?
kikiakite shimatta?
Are you tired of hearing it?
sou kamoshirenai ne.
But I probably wouldn’t know.
Your face….
kimi no omokage wo …
“forget it”
( wasurete )
“kill it”
( koroshite … )
Our way home
daisuki datta
that we liked so much,
ano  futari no kaerimichi wo
surely you remember it, right?
kitto omoidaseru hazudayo ?
Hurry and remember…
suguni …
聴こえてる? ねえ ねえ
Can you hear me? Hey. Hey.
kikoeteru ? nee nee
 覚えてる? ダメなのかしら
Do you remember? Is it not possible?
 oboeteru ? dame nanokashira
 愛してる  ねえ ねえ
Do you love me? Hey. Hey.
aishiteru nee nee
Don’t act like you can’t hear me.
kikoenai furi shitenaide
 ねえ ねえ 「愛してる」
Hey. Hey. “I love you”.
nee nee (  aishiteru )
 ねえ ねえ 聴こえないフリしてないで
Hey. Hey. Don’t act like you can’t hear me.
 nee nee kikoenai furi  shitenaide



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