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December 29, 2010 / korcass

Cannibal Hobo… O.o!!

Okay….this is a totally random post but it is a true story of yours truely…MOI!

Okay so today my dad and me were driving around and we stopped at the library…and after we finished looking around…we got in the car and started driving out of the parking lot…and as we were driving to the exit there was this crazy hobo guy just like standing there preaching about something…he was literally insane….and like he looked at me and I swear this guy has to be a cannibal…he looked at me and started drooling… ew…..and he had this umbrella and it had holes in it….yeah thats gonna keep you dry, smart really. I was creeped out…he just stared and drooled and preached…thats it…He looked kinda like Albert Einstien, except 400thousands times crazier and evil looking….this guy made the chucky doll I saw at Ikea look like a cute little puppy….scary right? O.o…*shiver*

:p lol i hope i never ever ever see another cannibal hobo in my entire life!!


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